Project Management Services

Swanand International proudly holds legacy of 16 years and credit of More than 50 projects across India and Abroad of Concept to completion .


†††††††††† ď Under PMS we work on Following Ideology ď


Ď If you have land anywhere or venture fund Ď

We have Project for you.


Under Project Management Services our clients provides us one or both of the Following things









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Project Management Services

By Swanand International


Project Management Services offered by Swanand International

 Identifying most suitable & high return projects Ė Inclusive of

÷ Site Survey

÷ Site Analysis

÷ Infrastructure Analysis

÷ Market Research

 Visualization Ė Designing of Project Ideaís

 Conceptualization Ė Designing & Building Project Concepts

 Opportunity Analysis

 Return of Investment Analysis

 Full Fledge Project Report

÷ Commercial Project Report ( Fund Raising)

÷ Commercial Project Report ( Planning & Decision Making)

÷ Bankable Project Report

÷ Technical Project Report

÷ Joint Venture / Special Purpose Project Report

÷ Venturing Project Report

÷ Approval Project Report

 Start up / Short Term / Medium Term / Long Term Project Reports

 Forward Projectionís Ė 5, 10, 20, 30 years projections

 Cash Flow Analysis

 Fund Flow Analysis

 Revenue & Expenditure Analysis

 Tax & Subsidies Analysis

 SWOT Analysis

 Investment / Alternate Investment Analysis

 Project Documentation

÷ Special Purpose Documentation

÷ Approval Purpose Documentation

÷ Funding Purpose† Documentation

÷ Export & International Business Oriented Documentation

 Financial Analysis

 Legal & Commercial Analysis

 Institutional Fund Raising

 Venture Fund Raising

 Private Fund Raising

 Foreign Direct Investment Funding

 Government / Aid Funding

 Working Capital Financing

 Bridge Funding, Syndication, cluster financing

 Fund Management Ė Parking, Utilization & Repatriation

 Concept to Completion Project Management

 Strategic Planning & Management

  Organization Set up

 Designing, Building, Training & Development of Project Teams

 Technology Sourcing & Tie ups

 Equipment souring & Set ups

 Supply Chain Management designing

 Financial Tie Ups

 Market Tie Ups

 Engineering, Procurement, Construction Services†

 Profit Centre Management

 Project Performance Analysis

 Tax Management

 Subsidies, Grantís, Incentives, subvention management

 Exit / Growth Strategy planning


 Project Clearances, Approvals & Licensing

 Government / Authority Liasoning & Clearances

 Environmental Clearances / PCB Clearances

 FDA / WHO / Excise / Custom / Local Authority Clearances

 Legal Advising / Attorney Services

 International Clearances like USFDA, CE marking, CC Certification

 MoEF Clearances, Revenue Clearances,† Custom Clearances, DGCA Clearances

 Forest Clearances, CRZ Management, ND Clearances

 Due Diligence

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