Investment Advisory Services

Swanand International proudly holds credit of successfully multiplying investments of numerous clients and providing them best ROI options and opportunities .


Swanand International holds upper hand in highly exclusive and specialized investment avenues like ‘ Property, Projects, Industrial Projects, Commercial Projects, Lands, Infrastructure, utilities, Renewable Energy, Specialized large scale agriculture and real estate ‘


Swanand International is recognized as expert in Foreign Direct Investment’s in India and also playing role in formulating FDI policies in India.



Investment Advisory Services offered by Swanand International

Text Box: Strategic Investment Planning

· Return on Investment Analysis


· Alternate Opportunity Analysis


· Market Analysis


· Portfolio Analysis


· Corporate investment strategies


· Performance benchmarking


· Milestone Designing

Text Box: Investment Management Services

· Due Diligence

· Documentation, Registration and procedures

· Tax Consulting & Management

· Return of Investment / Repatriation Management

· Assets Management Services

· Buy / Sell / Hold decisions

· Investment Growth Planning 

Text Box: Foreign Direct Investment Advisory

· Full fledge Foreign Direct Investment consulting service


· RBI, DIPB, FERA and policy compliances


· FDI Sourcing and routing consulting


· FDI Parking, Utilization consulting


· Repatriation, revolving, re investment consulting

Text Box: Swanand International 
 Management Consultants